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Hey everyone, it's Chavez!

Hey everyone! My name is Chavez, and I am Beatrice’s new partner from Guide Dog Foundation. Unfortunately Obama had to retire for medical reasons, but I was introduced to Beatrice about 2 months ago to take his place.

It was such a change for her coming from a mature partner like Obama to a young guy of 18 months like me. But don’t worry; I’ve got just as much moxie as Obama, if not more! I know that Bea and I will grow together very well.

Obama left me some notes letting me know that he periodically submits articles about canines and other animals for Bea’s Blog. I look forward in submitting articles that hopefully you will find interesting.

My first big adventure with Beatrice will be our trip on the Costa Atlantica ship December 12, 2009. We will be showing people with working dogs that they can enjoy themselves on vacation if they bring their four legged partner with them!

Beatrice and I would enjoy meeting you on the cruise, so find us on the Atlantica this December. But until then, check out my new page “Chavez’s Friends” and send your photos with you and your favorite pet. We’ve got some stocking stuffers here for friends who send in their favorite photos!

So for now, have a terrific travel experience!


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