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I’ve found that regardless of political belief, everyone is interested in the First Lady. From Twitter to TMZ, we’re a gossipy bunch. So, as I was researching some new blog topics, I let my curiosity get the best of me. I had been talking with a friend a few nights ago about our current First Lady which led to conversations about previous First Ladies. So, I decided to find out some first rate gossip [well not really, I decided some trivia might be better] for you.

Here are some great questions that I found while checking out this great website. For the answers I thought what better place than the newest gossip hub, Twitter! So head over to our Twitter page after this for the answers and great travel and relaxation advice!

  1. When her first child was born, it was the first time a President’s child was born in the White House?
  2. She was a “camera girl” for a newspaper when she interviewed her future husband they were married two years later?
  3. Her daughter married Jefferson Davis, against the wishes of her parents?
  4. The future President first proposed to her after he and she auditioned for parts in a local theater group?
  5. She was the first First Lady to live in the White House?
  6. She was an invalid during her husband’s presidency, and had her daughters stand in for her in White House hostess responsibilities?
  7. She was a temperance advocate whose husband, as President, banned liquor from the White House — leading to this First Lady’s new public nickname?

Go find some more great trivia and surprise your friends and family with little known facts about other first ladies!

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take
you there.”
-Lewis Carroll


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Hoppe talks about some great ways to get all of your summer fun in without compromise and without paying  a huge price. She also gives us some of her favorite summer cocktail ideas for nights out with friends.

Check it out!

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